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Our Story

Just before the 2020 COVID Pandemic, the London Dragons started a journey to create a charity to supplement the growing team and its needs.  At the time, the club was quickly approaching 100 members across three teams and was seeking ways to fund more equipment, travel, and lower membership costs.

When the COVID Pandemic hit London, the Universities of the UK were unprepared to manage such a dramatic shift in funding, safety, and oversight.  The University of London, the Dragon's parent university decided to move away from supporting all of its sport, clubs and societies. 

Since that moment in 2020, the London Dragons and its alumni, including Michael D'Aprix, Clive Vergnaud, and Sam Zdatny, have worked tirelessly to set up new funding sources and provide stability for the London Dragons and many of the sports, clubs and societies of the University of London now without a home.

The two charities that have been established are separate entities.

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Friends of the Dragons Directors

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Michael D'Aprix

Sam Zdatny

Trevor Bossi

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